The Home of Modern Martial Arts

MD Mixed Martial Arts is an awesome blend of traditional styles and grace with modern day simplicity and effectiveness. By combining the best of many martial art styles, and a commitment to continued review and refinement, MD MMA teaches a cutting edge fighting system.
We are a "Black Belt School", and as such are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your martial arts success. Being part of this group of dedicated, high level martial art schools enables us to network with over 1500 quality schools worldwide - bringing the best of the world to you!
So whatever your desire is - street smart self defense, bully proofing at school, submission grappling and ground fighting, tournament sparring, fitness, strength, self esteem and self confidence, you will find it in the friendly atmosphere at MD Mixed Martial Arts.

Here's what some of our parents and students have to say:

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you mark, and your team at MDMMA. Since Jamaica has started with you her confidence has increased remarkably. She has been selected to the Student Representative Council, gained her Silver Award, joined the school band, and gained commendation awards at school. She has also been awarded the Rookie of the year at Surf Club and her social network has improved dramatically! Her goal is to gain her blue belt by the end of this year and her black belt by high school! Thank you all so much!

"So glad I chose to train with Mark and the guys at MD Mixed Martial Arts HQ. I have always had a passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu even though I had never practiced the art before and now that I have started my life journey in Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu, I just wish I had more spare time in my week to come learn more often :)"

Shannon Palmer

"Oscar has gained so much confidence from your classes and it has been very beneficial for his gross motor skills, but most of all he enjoys himself immensely (there's something about doing an activity that your big brother doesn't!!)"

Ian Versace, father of 5yr old Oscar

"Last year my son was in year 6 and he was being bullied everyday. At this stage he had graded to a green belt with MD MMA, the bullying didn't really get to him too much as he was not scared it just annoyed him. (I put this down to the conditioning) One day he was really ganged up on by a group of boys at his school, they were hitting and pushing him. My sons response to this is what made everyone proud. He just stayed calm and kept walking backwards while gently blocking all the punches. All of this incident was recorded on iPods and phones at the time. The police were involved. All up because of the recordings a total of 19 people were implicated as being part of the assault. My son was congratulated on his response and commended. I was just so happy that he was not hurt and at no time was he scared. This would have been a totally different outcome if he hadn't been training with MD Mixed Martial Arts. Thank you so much, now I recommend MD MMA to all kids."

Leanne from Pottsville

"Mark and his martial arts changed my life and made me literally everything I am today. I began with Mark, as someone with no confidence in myself and a dreadful level of fitness. I have watched the style grow consistently and it has become more then I could ever imagine. The confidence that I built from moving through the belts and becoming an instructor gave me the ability to work and do well in all jobs I have ever pursued, currently I am serving as a member in the Royal Australian Navy and without Marks encouragement, leadership and the knowledge he passed on I would never have chased my dreams and reached so many of my goals. The experiences I had as an instructor will forever be with me, watching students grow, learn and become excellent martial artists; always made me remarkably proud. Mark and his instructors are dedicated to putting all the time and effort you could hope for into making sure you excell and become the best you can be. Simply without Mark I would not be who I am today and am always proud to say I have been a part of his martial arts."

Dillon Waters 3rd Degree Freestyle Black Belt and former Pottsville Instructor

"We heard about MD MMA by word of mouth, in Grafton. Dárcy is 9 and has finally found "His Thing" in life! MD MMA has given Dárcy so much already, in such a short time.....Fitness, enthusiasm, self confidence ++ and a positive, and respectful attitude toward himself and others. Dárcy said that MMA classes give him happiness and lots of energy! Dárcy also said that its so cool getting to learn all different martial arts in the one lesson and his favourite is BJJ.. Thanks Mark."

Dárcy, Rob and Kate. Grafton