Our Instructors

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the martial arts and have attained a high level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Through extensive training, testing, certification and tournament level competition, our staff have attained mastery in their field and now enjoy sharing their skill and knowledge with their students.

All instructors have working with children checks and current first aid certificates. Our instructors are accredited through MD MMA's comprehensive accreditation scheme, and are fully insured.

Mark Davies  (6th Degree Black Belt, Weaponry Brown Sash, BJJ Purple Belt, Padmaster)  Send E-mail to Mark Davies
Mark Davies is the Founder and chief instructor of MD Mixed Martial Arts with 28 years experience in all types of disciplines and competition.

"I am so proud to be part of a truely unique style I can call my own"
- Mark Davies

Mark Davies
Michael Grogan  (!st Degree Black Belt)  Send E-mail to Michael Grogan
Micheal has over 15 years experience in Judo, Tae Kwon Do and MD MMA. In the Tae Han club of Tae Kwon Do, Micheal attained the status of black belt and currently holds a !st Degree Black Belt in MD Freestyle. Micheal also is the Richmond Head Instructor for MD Mixed Martial Arts and a former club champion.

Michael Grogan
Tai Seuao  (2nd Degree Black Belt)  Send E-mail to Tai Seuao
Tai has nearly 20 years experience in a wide range of Martial Arts. Tai has gained rankings
in the following arts; Red Tip Brown Headband in Kendo, Zen Do Kai Brown Belt, Green Belt Kenpo Karate, Blue Belt in NZ Jiu Jitsu, and Freestyle Black Belt in MD MMA. Tai has won and placed in several FNC NSW Tournaments and Club Championships. Tai a true family man brings experience, professionalism and exellence to MD MMA. A true asset to MD MMA and his students.

Tai Seuao
Katrina Geering  (1st Degree Black Belt)
Katrina Geering has numerous credentials and accomplishments. We will be updating this section shortly to detail them.

Mitchell Parsons  (2nd Degree Black Belt, BJJ Blue Belt)  Send E-mail to Mitchell Parsons
Mitchell Parsons has numerous credentials and accomplishments. We will be updating this section shortly to detail them.

For more information about the MD MIXED MARTIAL ARTS staff or training programs, please contact us at 0417456923 or by clicking here.